Marketing Consulting vs. Marketing Coaching

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If you’ve considered hiring a marketing consultant or a marketing coach, you might have asked yourself this question.

Here are 3 ways that marketing consulting is different from marketing coaching:

1. How They Work

A marketing consultant usually helps your business set wider, strategic aims.

They look at your current marketing efforts, spot what needs to be better and come up with solid, doable plans.

Once the plan’s sorted, consultants generally step back, letting your team or others put it into action.

They’re hired for their industry know-how and they aim to meet set business targets.

In contrast, a marketing coach works closely with you or your marketing staff.

Coaches guide, teach, and support individuals to up their marketing game.

They don’t just offer solutions; they help you understand how they’ve reached that solution, helping to build your skills.

They’re often part of the action, giving feedback and tweaks as you go along.

2. When You Need Them

A marketing consultant is usually brought on board for a set time or project.

They often juggle many projects at once, which might mean they’re not always available when you need them.

Once their contract or the project is done, they typically move on unless you hire them again.

On the other hand, a coach usually stays with you over a longer period, building a relationship with the person they’re coaching.

They’re always there for advice and feedback, which could include regular catch-ups or support when you need it.

Marketing Coaching is usually more ongoing and personal.

3. What They Deliver

A marketing consultant’s work tends to be more about results.

They’re hired to deliver specific things, like boosting sales, making your brand better known, or making your marketing processes work better.

They usually use their expertise to suggest ideas and strategies that have worked well in similar businesses.

In comparison, a marketing coach is more focused on helping you improve.

They might set targets for your personal or work growth and help you work towards them. A marketing coach aims to make you a better marketer.

This should lead to improved marketing results over time, but the immediate results might not be as clear or easy to measure.

In short, a marketing consultant might be the way to go if you want a specific plan and clear results.

If you’re keen to build your skills and knowledge of marketing, a marketing coach might be a better fit.

Both can be valuable, but in different ways, so it’s important to think about what you need before choosing.

When considering hiring a marketing consultant or a marketing coach, it’s natural to worry about whether it’s worth the cost, if they’ll understand your specific business needs, or if their style will work well with your team.

The cost can be a big factor as both marketing consultants and marketing coaches can require a significant financial investment.

It’s always sensible to do your homework, talk to potential hires, and ask for examples of their work or references to make sure you’re making the best choice for your business.

When you research your next marketing consultant or a marketing coach, make sure you’re clear on which one will get you the best results based on your unique requirements.

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