Unravelling Creativity: Everyone is an Artist in Their Own Right

Sometimes, my wife would look at me and say, “I wish I was creative like you… I can’t draw or paint.”

And for a long time, I must confess, I held a similar notion about creativity. I used to believe that to be creative, one had to be an artist of some sort.

You know, someone who can whip up a beautiful painting or create an intriguing design.

But over time, my understanding of creativity has expanded, and I have come to appreciate its wider spectrum.

In my work as a Marketing Operations Manager and Marketing Consultant, I often find myself immersed in tasks that require a good deal of creativity, albeit not in the typical artistic sense.

From problem-solving to strategic planning, creativity is the hidden force that drives much of my professional life, and likely yours too.

You see, creativity isn’t confined to the realms of art and design. Quite the opposite.

Creativity is like a universal ingredient that adds flavour to every aspect of our lives.

It’s in the way we approach challenges, the way we interpret data and even the way we communicate.

Let’s take problem-solving, for instance. When faced with a problem, we don’t just pick a solution off the shelf.

Instead, we dive deep into the situation, seeking different perspectives, brainstorming, and sometimes devising solutions that are anything but ordinary.

This process requires a hefty dose of creativity.

Similarly, when it comes to strategic planning, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Every marketing campaign requires a unique plan, tailored to the specific audience and objectives.

And this process of strategising, of figuring out the best way to convey a message, is a creative endeavour.

Data interpretation is another area where creativity often goes unrecognised. After all, how do you make sense of a sea of raw data?

You look for patterns, make connections, and find meaning in seemingly unrelated figures. In short, you get creative.

And let’s not forget communication.

Whether we’re drafting an email, giving a presentation, or creating marketing content, we’re constantly drawing on our creative capabilities.

We have to understand our audience, craft a compelling message, and find the most engaging way to convey that message.

Now, I’m not entirely separated from the world of art.

I do create some graphics on Canva for work – marketing and training-related.

And yes, this is a form of creativity that aligns more with the conventional understanding. But my point is, this isn’t the only kind of creativity.

So, if you ever catch yourself thinking that you’re not “creative” like I did, I urge you to reconsider.

I believe we’ve got to do away with this limited view of creativity as being tied exclusively to activities like drawing or painting.

Instead, we should embrace the wide array of ways in which our creativity manifests.

In conclusion, I stand by what I told my wife, “Everyone is creative in their own ways.” Creativity isn’t the privilege of a select few.

It’s a universal trait that surfaces in countless ways, from solving a complex problem to crafting a persuasive message.

So don’t sell yourself short.

Recognise and celebrate your unique form of creativity.

After all, we are all artists, just in our own unique ways.

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