Building Businesses, Promoting Diversity, and Overcoming Fear: JJ Clark Gordon Interview

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Attract Sell Nurture™ Podcast where I had the pleasure of speaking with the incredible JJ Clark Gordon.

JJ is a “multipotentialite” with a diverse range of professional pursuits, including expertise in revenue strategies, client attraction, career transformation, and anti-racist and inclusive strategies.

Throughout our conversation, JJ shares their journey of starting their own business and the challenges they faced along the way.

They discuss the importance of repositioning oneself and staying in difficult situations to grow and make things right before moving on.

JJ emphasizes the significance of personal growth, legacy, and creating opportunities.

One of the highlights of our discussion is JJ’s expertise in revenue strategies.

She explains how they help individuals and businesses monetize their expertise, experiences, passions, purpose, gifts, and skills to support personal growth and create a bigger purpose.

Her approach to revenue strategies is rooted in systems thinking, allowing them to trial, test, and share what they have learned.

We also delve into JJ’s involvement in promoting diversity within organizations.

They share their experiences of being a driving force behind diversity initiatives and the impact of the murder of George Floyd on these initiatives.

JJ discusses how the events surrounding George Floyd’s murder empowered people to speak out and brought about significant changes in hiring practices and open conversations around race and culture.

Throughout the episode, JJ shares success stories of helping clients overcome fear and transform their lives.

They recount a powerful story of a woman who overcame her fears and pursued her passion for music, eventually becoming a successful singer-songwriter.

JJ’s dedication to helping others transform their lives is truly inspiring.

In addition to their business ventures, JJ is passionate about travel and has a desire for location independence.

She discusses their experiences travelling to different countries and the impact it has had on their personal and professional growth.

JJ shares their plans to hold seminars and events in various locations, including Ghana, Southeast Asia, and the USA.

I hope you enjoy this captivating conversation with JJ Clark Gordon.

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