From Business Idea to Adaptation and Growth – Interview With Anthea Armar

In episode 5 of the Attract Sell Nurture™ Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Anthea Armar.

Anthea isn’t just an inspirational speaker; she’s a catalyst for transformation with a stellar impact on powerhouses like Ernst & Young, Google Digital Garage, the Metropolitan Police, and the International School of Helsinki, to name a few.

She’s naturally gifted at igniting confidence, clarity, and commitment in both individuals and organisations.

In this extract from the podcast, Anthea talks about her personal odyssey through the world of entrepreneurship – from the initial excitement of her first start-up with her sister to the hard-earned insights that came from its failure, and onwards to the eventual creation of her purpose-driven company, the Amarkai Group.

She candidly shares the challenges she faced, the lessons learned, and how she harnessed her passion for leadership to build a business that not only succeeds but also makes a significant impact.

Anthea Armar’s Road to Owning a Truly Successful and Impactful Business

Starting a business is not simply about having an idea and taking action. It is a journey that involves learning, growth, and a whole heap of failures.

In the podcast, Anthea shares her experiences of starting multiple businesses and how each one was shaped by her learning experiences.

Embracing Failure: Lessons from Early Ventures

Anthea begins by discussing her first business venture, which she embarked on with her sister when they were in their early twenties.

They believed they had the skills in graphics and design to start a successful business.

However, they soon realized that having technical skills was not enough.

They lacked knowledge about running a business and did not have any customers.

Despite their enthusiasm, they had to let go of this venture.

This initial failure did not deter Anthea from pursuing entrepreneurship.

She later started another business in her mid to late twenties while working as a contractor in the learning and development field.

This time, the business was established out of necessity rather than passion.

Anthea needed an established organization to secure contracts, so she set up a limited company.

However, there was no drive or purpose behind this venture, and it was merely a technicality.

Redefining Business: The Search for Meaning and Purpose

It was during her contracting work that Anthea began questioning the purpose of having a business. She realized that if she had a business, she should be doing something meaningful with it.

This realization led her to start her third and current business, the Amarkai Group (pronounced “Amar-Kye”).

The name itself is a combination of her own Ghanaian name, Anthea Armar, and reflects her personal connection to the business.

Anthea’s journey highlights the importance of learning and gaining knowledge in entrepreneurship.

She acknowledges that the start of a business is not a specific moment in time but rather a continuous process that begins from birth. It is shaped by the trajectory of one’s life experiences.

Her earlier ventures lacked the necessary understanding of business operations and marketing strategies.

However, these failures served as valuable lessons that paved the way for her current success.

Anthea’s decision to study business in college further demonstrates her commitment to learning.

Even though she pursued it to improve her university prospects, it laid the foundation for her understanding of business concepts.

However, she admits that despite her academic background, she still felt lost when it came to practical business matters.

Cultivating Success: The Power of Knowledge and Passion in Entrepreneurship

Anthea highlighted the importance of passion and purpose in starting a business. Anthea’s earlier ventures lacked these elements, which ultimately led to their demise.

It was only when she felt the need to do something meaningful with her business that she found her true calling.

Anthea’s expertise in confidence, clarity, and communication leadership aligns with her passion for empowering and building others’ confidence.

Anthea Amar’s journey exemplifies the importance of gaining knowledge, learning from failures, and finding passion and purpose in entrepreneurship. Starting a business is not just about having an idea; it requires continuous learning, adaptation, and a willingness to grow.

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