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Black professionals in the US digital solutions industry

The prevalence of Black professionals in the digital solutions industry and in leadership roles is an area of ongoing concern.

Despite making up 13% of the overall labor force, Black professionals only occupy 3.7% of technical roles at large tech companies.

Furthermore, in the highest ranks of major U.S.-based tech companies, Black workers represent just 4% of executive leaders and occupy only 4.4% of seats on boards​​.

This data underscores a significant gap in representation, particularly in leadership positions within the technology sector.

Black professionals in the UK digital solutions industry

In the UK, the situation regarding the prevalence of Black professionals in the digital solutions industry, especially in leadership roles, reflects a similar trend of underrepresentation as seen in the US.

A report by techUK indicates that less than a tenth (8.5%) of senior leaders in the UK tech sector are from ethnic minority groups​​.

Additionally, data shared with Sky News reveals that Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) people hold only 4.6% of the UK’s most powerful roles, despite BAME groups constituting 14% of the population​​.

These statistics underscore a significant gap in representation within the UK tech industry, highlighting a similar trend of underrepresentation in leadership roles as observed globally.

The figures point to systemic challenges in diversity and inclusion within the sector, affirming the need for more concerted efforts to improve representation and opportunities for Black professionals and other minority groups in tech.

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a strategic response to systemic barriers

Considering the underrepresentation of Black professionals, particularly in leadership roles within the digital solutions industry, the decision of a Black British like myself to found my own business is much more than a creative endeavour.

It is a strategic response to systemic barriers and a means of carving out space in an industry where representation is lacking.

Response to Underrepresentation

With Black professionals significantly underrepresented in the tech industry, especially in leadership roles, founding a business can be a proactive way to create opportunities that might not be readily available in established companies.

Creating Opportunities

By founding ASN, not only have I crafted a space for myself but I plan to do this for other Black professionals, addressing the diversity gap by creating an environment that may be more inclusive and representative.

Leadership and Control

Starting a business allows for autonomy and control over the direction and values of the company. For someone like me (a British born Nigerian), this means being able to champion real diversity and inclusivity, values that might not be prioritised in other organisations.

Showcasing Talent and Capability

In an industry where Black professionals are often overlooked, founding a successful business is a powerful way to showcase the talent, skills, and leadership capabilities of Black entrepreneurs.

Inspiration and Role Modelling

As a Black founder in the digital solutions industry, I serve as a role model and source of inspiration for my three beautiful black sons and other aspiring Black entrepreneurs and professionals, demonstrating that success is attainable despite systemic barriers.

My decision to found ASN is definitely influenced by a combination of a desire for representation, autonomy, and the need to create my own opportunities in an industry where Black professionals are significantly underrepresented, especially in leadership positions.

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overcoming challenges related to racism

My background and experience, particularly in overcoming challenges related to racism, positioning myself uniquely to champion the cause of underrepresented groups in my target audience: business consultants, executive coaches and digital coaches.

This experience is crucial for several reasons:

Empathy and Understanding

Having faced and overcome the barriers of racism, I possess a profound empathy and understanding towards others who encounter similar challenges. This empathy enables me to connect deeply with the people I work with, especially those who feel marginalised due to race or lack of technical literacy/knowledge/expertise.

Role Modelling Resilience

My journey serves as a powerful example of resilience in the face of adversity. For individuals or groups facing disadvantages, seeing someone like me succeed despite significant obstacles can be incredibly inspiring and motivating.

Insight into Systemic Issues

My personal experiences with racism give me a first-hand insight into the systemic issues that contribute to inequality and underrepresentation. This understanding is invaluable in devising strategies that effectively address these challenges.

Advocacy and Voice

As a successful entrepreneur, I have a platform (that I intended to use more) to advocate for change and give a voice to those who are often underrepresented or unheard. In my own way, I will bring attention to the issues facing disadvantaged groups, fostering a more inclusive and equitable industry.

Tailoring Solutions

My experiences (and collaboration with others with the same worldview) can inform the development of services and solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of those who have been disadvantaged due to race or lack of technical expertise. This can include creating accessible, user-friendly solutions that help bridge the gap in technical literacy.

Fostering Inclusivity and Diversity

By leading with an inclusive approach, I intend to create a business environment that not only welcomes but actively seeks to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, setting an example for others in the industry.

My experiences with overcoming racism and my extensive, self-taught professional expertise make me an ideal advocate for those facing similar challenges. Therefore, my role in helping disadvantaged individuals thrive is not just about providing services, but about fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse professional landscape.

ASN’s Proud Declaration as a Black-Owned Business in 2024

As we step into 2024, it’s a pivotal moment for ASN to proudly and loudly declare its identity as a Black-owned business.

This declaration is not just a statement of ownership; it’s a beacon of inspiration and a commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the digital marketing world.

In this era where representation matters more than ever, ASN stands as a testament to the vital role Black-owned businesses play in driving innovation and shaping the future of the industry.

ASN is not just a business; it’s a testament to the prowess and resilience that characterises Black-owned businesses in today’s competitive landscape.

The Dawn of a New Era: ASN’s Remarkable Journey

From its inception, ASN was more than a mere enterprise; it was my brainchild, born out of a desire to redefine the norms of digital marketing – especially for those who don’t have:

  • a massive marketing budget
  • feel alone in their quest to build a business that improves their lives and the lives of others

In 2024, ASN Marketing Solutions has undergone a significant rebrand to become ASN, signifying our sharpened focus on online business design, development, and support specifically tailored for coaches, consultants, and digital agencies.

This rebranding encapsulates our expanded suite of services, encompassing not just strategic consulting but also comprehensive implementation services and training.

Our aim is to be a one-stop solution for the online business needs of our target market, providing them with the tools, strategies, and support necessary for impactful digital presence and business growth.

Empowering Businesses with Tailored Digital Solutions

At the core of ASN’s service offerings is a suite of bespoke digital solutions, meticulously crafted to empower businesses in the online domain.

From strategic consulting to comprehensive implementation services, ASN and Kase Dean have an unwavering commitment to their clients’ success.

The Significance of Being a Black-Owned Business in Digital Marketing

Embracing its identity as a Black-owned business, ASN proudly represents a beacon of diversity and innovation in the digital marketing industry.

This distinction is not merely a title; it’s a powerful statement in an industry that thrives on diversity of thought and creativity.

Being a Black-owned business, ASN brings unique perspectives and strategies to the table, contributing significantly to the richness of the digital marketing landscape.

ASN’s journey is not just about business success; it’s about inspiring and empowering a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs, showcasing that with vision, resilience, and expertise, boundaries can be transcended, and new benchmarks of success can be established in the digital world.

ASN’s Unique Approach to Online Business Support

ASN’s approach to online business support is characterised by its unique Attract Sell Nurture framework. This methodology isn’t just about providing services; it’s about crafting a bespoke journey for each client.

ASN delves deep into understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of its clients, enabling it to tailor strategies that are not only effective but also sustainable.

This client-centric approach, combined with a commitment to utilising the latest digital tools and trends, positions ASN as a trusted partner for businesses aiming to not only establish but also flourish in the digital realm.

The focus here is on creating a harmonious balance between advanced technological solutions and the human touch – a philosophy that truly sets ASN apart in the world of digital marketing and business support.

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Empowering Businesses Online

At ASN, we specialise in creating tailored websites with integrated funnels, focusing on high-value client acquisition and revenue growth.

Our offerings extend beyond website design, encompassing organic and paid marketing strategies, including blogging, social media, and LinkedIn lead generation.

A key component of our services is the comprehensive monthly online business support, ensuring that our clients can focus on their core business activities while we manage their online infrastructure and marketing needs.

ASN’s Continued Commitment to Digital Excellence

ASN’s journey from ASN Marketing Solutions to ASN reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence in digital marketing.

Our comprehensive suite of services, grounded in the Attract Sell Nurture framework, is specifically designed to cater to the evolving needs of consultants, coaches, and digital agencies.

By focusing on conversion-centric website designs and robust online business support, we ensure our clients not only succeed but lead in their respective domains. Join us at ASN, where your digital transformation journey begins.

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